I Am With You

One of my three-year old daughters says, with comforting frequency, “Don’t be afraid; Jesus is with us. He’s in my tummy.”

She’s only three, and she’s saying what we tell her. We tell her this because it’s true. She assumes the part about Him being in her tummy, but what the heck?! That’s so dope.

Yeah, it’s true, baby; Jesus is with us.

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  1. E Morrison Says:

    What’s the old adage again? Oh yeah, “Out of the mouths of babes…” I think she may be on to something… I feel (I know it’s arbitrary) Jesus in my “tummy” more often then I feel Him anywhere else (except for in my throat when He’s trying to choke me on His way out). Maybe this explains that good old – you should listen to it – “gut feeling”… It’s not the pizza talking. It’s, “He’s in my tummy”. Yummy.

    P.S. Nicely done, mom and dad.

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